Hands-on cyber range training.

Why Train with RangeForce?

On-Demand Access

Train against real threats in a virtual, cloud-based environment and explore critical cybersecurity concepts in action.

Expert Content

Choose from hundreds of modules to learn on-the-job cyber skills and preview our expert-curated library of cybersecurity content including SOC, Web Application Security, Threat Hunting, and more. 

Interactive Learning

Get feedback and instruction in real-time while working through interactive modules at your own pace.

Proven Skills

Claim RangeForce Badges when you complete Battle Paths and capstone challenges. Promote your skills to hiring managers and industry leaders on LinkedIn.

What RangeForce learners are saying...

  • “I went through the Docker and Kubernetes modules. If you use Nmap then you will love the modules. Great stuff. Also, do you need an excuse for taking free quality online education? Show your skills? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.”

  • “I wish all virtual learning platforms were as interactive as this."

  • "This challenge was really fun! But more importantly, I performed hands-on skills that will benefit me in the real world!"

  • "This was my first time using splunk, and this lab gave enough instruction without over the top hand holding. This was a good introduction into Splunk."