RangeForce Cyber Security Training Success

RangeForce delivers an amazingly affordable, cloud-based training platform that provides hands-on "work ready" training for cyber security students and professionals alike.

Whether you are working toward your first job, or seeking to specialize your skills to take on greater roles, RangeForce’s combined simulation-based modules and learner challenges create a “cyber-gym” where you can train, practice, and master security skills. Most importantly, RangeForce offers affordable training packages for students and individual learners.

Workforce Ready Learning Paths


Security Operations Analyst 1

SOC Analyst 1 missions introduce the learner to the basic functions covered in security operations including alert evaluation and validation, incident creation, and core security tool usage. Learners will also build a solid understanding of common attack TTPs and how these attacks instantiate themselves in networks.

  • 45-Minute Hands-on Lessons
  • Just 3 hrs of Training per Week
  • 10 Weeks of Training
SOC Analyst Technical Security Modules

Using standardized cybersecurity framework's like NIST, our cyber experts and technical partners create role learning paths designed specifically to meet the needs of hiring managers. RangeForce learning paths provide the hands-on skills cyber professionals need to deliver immediate value in a new role. Training modules even include vendor and open source security tools including Splunk, Cisco SecureX , IBM QRadar, Fortinet, Exabeam, YARA, VirusTotal, Snyk, Nikto, Snort, and many more.

Prescriptive Learning Paths for Individuals

  • Security Analyst Level 1
  • Security Analyst Level 2
  • Microsoft Security Basics
  • Threat Hunter Specialist

RangeForce's unique combination of hands-on training modules, challenges, and learning paths will challenge any cybersecurity professional and help them develop the specific skills they need to master critical cyber skills.


Our amazing community partners

Rangeforce is privileged to partner with some of the IT community's very best skills training partners to help build diversity and equality into our industry. Please reach out to these organizations and ask about RangeForce training as part of their life-changing offerings.






Affordable Cyber Training

It makes no sense for student or most cybersecurity professionals to spend thousands of dollars and long hours attending online or in-person cybersecurity classes. You do not have the money or the time.
RangeForce Cyber Skills Training can be completed in any location, at any time, with courses taken repeatedly until needed skills are mastered. But most importantly, we offer our complete line of training modules and learning paths at 1/4 of the cost of traditional cybersecurity training. To see a demo, fill out our form, and a RangeForce training specialist will get back to you in less than one business day.

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