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Battle Fortress Data Sheet

Find out more about how the Battle Fortress Cyber Range helps remote cybersecurity teams to create and spin up advanced blue/red team exercises for continuous training at enterprise scale, using their own re-usable security stack. Battle Fortress is the only cyber range that is fully integrated with a hands-on skills training platform and enables security professionals to practice working together to stay ahead of pandemic-related and other cybersecurity threats. What you get with Battle Fortress Cyber Range:
  • Real life cyber attack simulation: When a Battle Fortress exercise starts, teams are thrown into high-intensity attacks where revenue and reputation are on the line. Scenarios are as ‘real’ and complex as possible, so you feel like you are fighting on the frontlines.

  • Attacks are taken right from the headlines: Battle Fortress exercises include advanced attacks like Shellshock and Heartbleed and adversary techniques like XSS, backdoors, lateral movement, network reconnaissance, DDOS, and rootkits.

  • Team activity monitoring: Working with your existing operations, processes, and technologies, security teams must work together to find, identify, contain and remediate the attack.

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of teamwork: The final part of the exercise is a team debrief where strengths and weaknesses are identified, processes are improved, and training is more focused so that teams continuously improve.

  • Fast, safe, and scalable environment: RangeForce simulations are hosted on a cloud-based platform that allows IT professionals to experiment with complex attacks in an isolated and safe environment.

  • Fast setup, easy operations: With RangeForce, you can spin up a new Battle Fortress exercise in just a few hours. Gone are the heavy operational costs of managing a cyber range or preparing for your next blue team exercise. RangeForce delivers online and onsite sieges for testing teamwork or individual skill level at competitions

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