Please register to let us know if:

  • You have completed all the training and Capstone requirements and want to apply for a certificate.
  • You are a team leader and would like to learn more about our hands-on training and certificate program and the value it brings to your team.
    • You are an individual learner and would like to earn a RangeForce Workforce Ready Certificate.

We currently offer two core certificates:

  • Security Analyst Level One
  • AppSec OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities Defender

What to expect from the certificate?

Each certificate represents the completion of a role-based learning path developed from the NIST/NICE standard, and includes 30+ hours of hands-on training in our cyber range.

Each certificate recipient has successfully completed the final capstone challenge to prove their hands-on skills development.

When professionals hold a RangeForce Certificate, managers know that they can do the work, whether it's writing advance YARA queries, finding back doors hidden on a Linux server, or running a transform on Splunk.

Join the RangeForce Workforce Ready Certificate Program!