RangeForce (AR)² Readiness Program™

Systematically improve your cybersecurity posture and be better prepared to face the ever-evolving threat landscape


The (AR)² Readiness Program from RangeForce is a comprehensive framework designed to ensure that organizations continuously enhance their cybersecurity capabilities.

With the RangeForce(AR)² Readiness Program, organizations can systematically improve their cybersecurity posture and be better prepared to face the ever-evolving cyber threats.



Start by assessing your team’s readiness, and who your likely enemies are, with the Defense Readiness Index (DRI)™. The target DRI™ level shows where your organization should be to defend against likely attackers.

DRI level

The target DRI™ guides the selection of team threat exercises, which will challenge your team’s technical and soft skills. Performance will be used to calculate your actual DRI™ level, highlighting strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of highly relevant threat actors
  • Benchmark your team’s current defensive posture
  • See how your team’s readiness compares to industry peers


Based on the actual DRI™, your RangeForce Program Facilitator will recommend actions to address identified skill gaps. This includes individual hands-on skills modules, and potentially additional team threat exercises.

Threat-centric Reporting™ shows your team’s level of preparedness based against specific skills such as ransomware and cybercrime data loss, with the ability to drill down to see individual proficiency in each skill.

Threat-centric reporting dashboard

Tailored Readiness Plans form a roadmap to prepare against specific threats.

  • Evaluate job seekers and identify internal cyber candidates with RangeForce Talent.
  • Improve your DRI™ through live-fire team exercises, challenges, and modules
  • Select from pre-built training plans or customize your own
  • Develop a training program for prospective, new, & existing employees


Evaluate your team’s progress over time with a variety of admin tools that provide a full and actionable picture of your team’s defensive capabilities Insights from Threat-centric Reporting, the admin dashboard, and team exercise executive summaries give a full picture of your team’s defensive capabilities. Monitor learners’ progress through detailed reports, and adjust the training plan as needed based on their performance.

  • See progress over time and areas to improve
  • Receive tailored program facilitation with dedicated RangeForce customer success manager
  • Track individual progress, assess team member strengths and improvement areas
  • Map skills to industry-standard frameworks such including NIST/NICE, MITRE ATT&CK, andMITRE D3FEND


Continuously iterate on your team’s cyber skills to maintain a high level of readiness and ensure you are always prepared for evolving threats. The ongoing process of repeating these steps helps organizations maintain and enhance their cybersecurity readiness and resilience.

image with round
  • Refine training plans based on report insights
  • Iterate as needed to continually maintain needed cyber readiness