The Organization

Barclays is a British multinational investment bank and financial services organization.partner-barclays


The Challenge

Security breaches present a serious risk to the financial services industry. In an effort to minimize the possibility of a successful cyber attack, the Barclays team needed a robust cybersecurity training partner that could increase its team’s defensive and operational readiness. The security team searched for a viable training solution that could provide insight into the team’s existing skill set while also providing collaborative, hands-on training experiences to better equip them to defend against emerging threats.


  • Assess and track security skills over time
  • Train and develop against the latest cyber attacks
  • Test and refine cybersecurity processes with real-world experience


The Solution 

RangeForce partnered with Barclays to deliver continuous cybersecurity skills development. The cloud-based RangeForce platform hosts hundreds of interactive modules covering critical cybersecurity tools and processes. Role-specific content covers training for SOC Analyst 1, SOC Analyst 2, Threat Hunter, Web Application Security, Cloud Security, and more. Comprehensive reporting empowers managers to assess and evaluate cybersecurity maturity across the team. 

Live-fire team threat exercises, deployed in highly realistic virtual environments, facilitate team-based exercises against real threats. These exercises expose teams to real-world cyber attacks in familiar settings, featuring real IT infrastructure. The intense exercise provides ideal practice space for  teams and quickly reveals operational gaps and weaknesses in existing security processes. Following a threat exercise, an post-exercise summary is provided to team leads to serve as the foundation for targeted training plans. 


The Results

Key outcomes from the RangeForce deployment:

  • Improved coordination and cooperation across global security teams
  • Identified and remediated operational security weaknesses
  • Developed a continuous and metric-driven training program
RangeForce has trained hundreds of Barclays employees throughout the world, from Cape Town to Prague to London to New York City. The entire security organization in the company’s global workforce now upskills as part of a unified, holistic training program. The Barclays team regularly uses RangeForce to evaluate its ongoing resilience against cyberattacks and to refine its collaboration during high-stress situations.

"These sessions are very educational. Having to learn under intense pressure and a timer is also a great exercise. It would be great to have RangeForce available as an ongoing training resource."