The Organization

A leading sales CRM & pipeline management software company with 85,000+ global customers.


The Challenge

Building and maintaining a continuous cyber readiness program can be a challenge. The team at Pipedrive realized they had trouble accurately assessing its own hands-on cybersecurity capabilities. Existing cybersecurity assessment tools and classroom-style training produced mixed results. They found that the one-size-fits-all approach of these solutions failed to address the specific requirements of their team: 

  • Train and assess security professionals at scale
  • Identify and develop cybersecurity talent
  • Customize training specific to team needs


The Solution

Pipedrive transitioned to RangeForce in order to implement a unified and scalable training solution. The organization provided hundreds of its IT and security professionals access to RangeForce, giving them on-demand access to realistic cloud-based environments at any time. Additionally, leaders were able to get enhanced visibility into individual strengths and gaps, allowing for targeted skills development. 

In addition to these individual training initiatives, Pipedrive frequently hosted team-based threat exercises to test and refine its collaboration during real cybersecurity incidents. Operating within entirely emulated environments, team members worked together in groups of 10 to overcome a variety of attack scenarios. The exercise provided ideal development space for the team and quickly revealed operational gaps and weaknesses in existing security processes.


The Results

The redeveloped cyber readiness program at Pipedrive provided security leadership with critical insight into the organization’s capabilities. With reliable and actionable data, the team was able to run its training initiatives with more efficacy. Key outcomes: 

  • 40% decrease in existing training cost
  • 30% increase in self-reported security incidents
  • Discovered and targeted underutilized security talent

A core component of the new initiative was talent discovery and development. Pipedrive used the platform’s assessment capabilities to identify a group of security champions, placing the top 10% of team members in an advanced skills track.

The impact on overall security culture was also a clear benefit of the investment. Team members were more engaged and motivated to participate in regular training. Security leaders have observed an increase in overall security knowledge throughout the organization, as evidenced by a 30% increase in self-reported security incidents.

"Compared to alternatives, RangeForce has shown to be a huge bang for the buck. It is a good investment in time and effort."