Continuous Learning & Career Paths for Cyber security

RangeForce's unique combination of individual training, individual challenges, team exercises, and team assessments combine to form a powerful continuous training model that transforms cybersecurity teams from individual contributors of varying skill levels into a battle hardened, cohesive team of cyber experts. The results: increased cyber resiliency, greater security tool ROI, and improved detection and response process efficacy.

With hundreds of hours of training combined into role-based learning paths, security leaders can build career paths for their cyber pros that will increase retention as members see value in staying and building their skills into more specialized roles and developing into a mission-ready workforce.

RangeForce Training

  • The RangeForce CyberSkills Training Platform engages your team in hands-on lessons on how to detect and respond to the latest cyber threats and system vulnerabilities.
  • A cloud-based, on-demand, SaaS environment means no complex setup or hardware requirements.

Our training modules are developed by cybersecurity experts to train cybersecurity experts.

  • Modules follow multiple tracks: security operations, DevOps, and Application Security. Training modules within each group move from foundational to advanced levels.
  • Comprehensive reporting dashboards quickly and accurately identify individual and team skill levels and competencies.

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Enroll: Place your learners in a short role-based assessment. Understand skills gaps and establish a quantitative capabilities baseline.

Prescribe: Learning paths that make training program creation fast and easy while delivering clear learning goals that match company needs.


Train: Hundreds of hours of content reflecting the latest environments, security tools, and attacks. Accessible on-demand, anytime, from the cloud with zero latency. 

Upskill: Support and advice delivered when needed to master complex subjects.  Hands-on exercises create muscle memory, ensure knowledge optimization.


Measure: Gain an accurate picture of real team strengths and weaknesses. Deliver CISO, Exec, and Board level reports to reflect achievement and improvement.

Build: Take your teams to the next level through continuous improvement, sharpening skills to make your organization more cyber-resilient.